About Reva Milk

About Reva Milk

Reva Milk is an organization run with a vision to provide every individual health and nutritious milk and milk products. We promise to provide products having no artificial preservative and adulteration.

Being a renowned organic farm, we are committed to international standards of organic dairy farming. We aim to provide superior quality A2 milk and milk-derived products of Indian breed Gir cows.

Our farm is managed by experts. With best green organic fodder grown at our own farm, we make certain that our milk is full of nutrition and free of synthetic hormones. Our A2 milk is organically produced without the use of any growth hormones injections or antibiotics.

We provide milk without any processing to ensure that all the natural vitamins and minerals remain in the milk. Additionally, we also ensure that the milk and milk products are carefully produced and packed using eco-friendly packaging solutions and with great hygiene.

We care about what you drink! We provide you with the fresh, pure and delicious milk!

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About Reva Milk